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This accessory lies in the field of the wearable technology, but it is deeply different from whatever you already know

It is a jewel and not a wristband.

Impulsive o Rational??

Chimera is a mythological figure resembling a monster, but with supernatural gifts.

Since its origin, the myth of the Chimera helps people regaining possession of their true self. It represents the highest expression of human feelings and emotions; feelings that are usually buried under social rules and conventions.

It is the expression of our truest “self”: it represents the other side of the hero!

Himaero enables you to connect with your inner chimera.

That is why the Chimaera has been chosen to represent this concept, and this Brand.

Now, the power of the Chimera is expressed through technology within the jewel, allowing true and raw emotions to come out of their hiding places. Here it reveals its amazing nature. So that you may choose to reveal yourself as the wonderful creature you truly are. It exists because you exist.

Discover this fantastic creature that lies within you, and open yourself up to the freedom of choosing whom you want to be, everyday: a rational hero or an impulsive monster?

The chimera is the other half of your story.

Which story do you want to live today?

The Values

What’s the difference?


Precious metals, stones and Murano glass are the material we selected for making the difference. Infinity variety of combinations are possible for the future.


Different value is attributed compared to other wristband; not only for the intrinsic value of the materials; its value is due to the mastery of the Italian artisans that made it


Wearing an accessory in silicone it’s only a trendy matter; wearing a jewel is a personal style and a response to personal needs.

Through this jewel, we fulfil the desire and need of beauty and, at the same time, we address utilitarian requisites; though not fundamental, these applications are all embedded. But there is much more than this.

Every woman wants to be beautiful. She wants to possess and wear a unique accessory that makes her stand out from the crowd and that is able to convey her mood. These were the building blocks upon which this piece of jewellery was dreamt up.

Himaero decided to reinterpret the concept of wearable technology, moulding it around the mastery of Italian artists, artisans and generally speaking, of beauty lovers, as to create a unique piece of handmade jewellery, Made in Italy.

It is a tool that empowers women to connect with her own raw emotions, that can adapt to her fickle moods and reveal her most intimate aspects: it is intriguing!